My Parian Plant Propagation


My neighbor Vasiliki gave me some pink periwinkle clippings. That was a couple of years ago and now we have periwinkles everywhere. It is a generous plant and all summer long we have these pretty flowers smiling at us. Now I give away clippings, too. People who don’t even know Vasiliki have periwinkles thanks to her. It’s like sharing her positive energy.

I love plant clippings and the idea that from one plant you can make many.  My neighbors often give me clippings although I have been known to steal them as well (but with great care and discretion). To give a bit of glamour to my collection, I’ve made a special rack for them. We had an old gate that I painted white (the same color as the wall so it wouldn’t compete with the plants). Then I took some empty ouzo bottles and wrapped wire around their necks so they could be attacked to the gate. And for some visual animation, I added my empty perfume bottles that are this yummy periwinkle pink color.

Now I walk around with a little pair of scissors hoping to add to my collection!


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5 Responses to My Parian Plant Propagation

  1. Cristina Margarita says:

    Oh, you are such a genius, thanks for sharing. I admire your work. Best wishes from Guanajuato, mx.

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