Balcony garden update

The Balcony

The weather in Rome has been fantastic making it all the more difficult to stay indoors with the lockdown. Luckily, we have a balcony and I have decided to spend more time there than on internet.

The sun is a magician and can transform the cholesterol in skin cells into vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only good for the bones, but, for adults, also helps the immune system, regulates blood pressure, and fights against depression.

Container Garden

Our balcony is populated mainly by yuccas because they are easy to care for. But I am trying to find space for a Victory Garden. So sometimes I just stick a smaller pot into a big one. Luckily I had some lettuce seeds and planted a few in a place where there’s just the right amount of sunlight. Too much sun makes the lettuce taste bitter.

Balcony Garden

It hasn’t been easy finding space for the new plants but I have managed to make room for some tomatoes and bell peppers using seeds from store bought vegetables.

Balcony Garden

And I’m also using the bottoms of lettuce to grow more lettuce.

I’ve had to clean out much of my aloe vera (the most versatile plant around). I use egg shells and coffee grounds as fertilizer.

This is an update on a previous post: The Garden of Eden on a Balcony


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2 Responses to Balcony garden update

  1. Your balcony looks so inviting and so lush! I am overwhelmed with envy. We, here in Winnipeg, just got a late snowstorm, around 10 cm. Luckily it’s not cold, most days it is over 0 degrees in the daytime so we are getting daily melts (followed my nightly freezes). Ah, springtime! 😉
    Please enjoy your lovely weather for me too!

    • Thanks Renata. Winnipeg snow? Sounds “suggestivo” (do you write?)…Are you housebound, too? Yes, the balcony is the only outdoor life that I have save for walks to the grocery store. And I feel so lucky to have that.
      I am trying to stay away from internet as much as possible…the temptation to find out what’s going on in the rest of the world is always there–it’s a distraction that I am tryng to ignore.

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