Orangels have bellybuttons. That’s why they’re called “navel”.

For the Greeks, Delphi was the center of the universe. To make it easily identifiable, Zeus place a geodetic mark there– a stone known as an omphalos. “Omphalos” in Greek means “navel”.

The Greeks believed that omphalos stones facilitated communication with the gods. But if you don’t have such a stone lying around, try using your belly button. It’s called omphaloskepsis or navel gazing. Staring at your belly button was once considered a form of meditation.

Satyres in Atlante” is a group of statues located at the Louvre representing four satyres with their heads bent in order to contemplate their navels. But times have changed and contemplation of one’s belly button is no long considered a mystical experience. Today the term “navel gazer” is intended for someone so fixated with himself that he has difficulties contemplating the world around him.

So maybe I can just stare at some oranges for the same effect?


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2 Responses to Omphaloskepsis

  1. Yvonne says:

    The only way I can gaze at my belly button is in a mirror!

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