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Καλό Μήνα My brain won’t shut up. The world around me is making me scream and blah-blah-blah all day long. There’s only one way to get my brain to shut up and that’s to make something. Because the focused attention … Continue reading

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Orangels have bellybuttons. That’s why they’re called “navel”. For the Greeks, Delphi was the center of the universe. To make it easily identifiable, Zeus place a geodetic mark there– a stone known as an omphalos. “Omphalos” in Greek means “navel”. … Continue reading

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Unfinished craft projects

Crafting is good for us. It can be broken down into three main stages: Visualization Process Actualization When you decide to make something, this something must first be visualized. And visualization begins in the imagination. Imagination stimulates our brain.  It … Continue reading

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the soul and the sea

Paros Once they’re written, New Year’s Resolutions seem to vanish like dew. Fortunately,  still fresh on my list is that of trying to meditate. Everything you read about increasing your vibration level insists that meditation is a must. But my thoughts … Continue reading

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