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Janet & the Frog Fountain

My friend Janet, artist, world traveller, and age defier was in Rome not long ago. We had coffee at a bar on Regina Margherita before heading towards the whimsical and esoteric neighbourhood of Coppedé. Mystical & magical it is often included in the … Continue reading

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Self-Portrait with Hat

The day of her birthday, her thoughts were stronger than mirrors. “The future is now”, she told herself, “and I must focus on the present before it runs out.” Birthdays made her think of musical arrangements. The song is the … Continue reading

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Bitter Tea

Hollywood, sunny and shallow, had welcomed us with its palms spread out like opened arms. Mona and I, thanks to one of her many suitors, were tinsel town tourists and on our way to the movie studios. We’d been invited … Continue reading

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My Ubiquitous Cat

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Orangels have bellybuttons. That’s why they’re called “navel”. For the Greeks, Delphi was the center of the universe. To make it easily identifiable, Zeus place a geodetic mark there– a stone known as an omphalos. “Omphalos” in Greek means “navel”. … Continue reading

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