Breaking the Loop

The Grey Cloud was waking me up every night. I felt Apocalypse Now living in my gut—the emotions were so strong that I physically felt them. Descartes made a big mistake when he thought he could separate the mind from the body.

Stress was creating a chemical imbalance that was making me depressed. Depression is, in part, a feeling of impotence when affronted with a situation beyond one’s control. What I needed was to feel in control again even if in a realm that had nothing to do with the origins of my stress. So, to make my depression dissipate, I decided to paint my bedroom walls.

My Fairy Princess came to help me. And when the beige wall turned a blue pastel, I could feel the new energy. Fresh paint had given me fresh thoughts.

Advice to myself: The best way to change the mood of a room is to paint the walls. Because color can change your vibrations.


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5 Responses to Breaking the Loop

  1. susie says:

    .. and that is a perfect shade of blue! This is one of my happy colours too! I love your posts darling; so happy we ‘met’. Creative people always feel ALL our emotions; it’s what we do, it’s who we

  2. Lyn Shakespeare says:

    Nothing better than to paint a room. Hope all wonderful for you and Pierluigi xxx

  3. Thanks Kukla! Hope to see you this spring. Besitos

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