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Shower Stall

We enlarged our shower stall and substituted a wall for a shower curtain. This summer I finally got around to painting it. The difference color makes is incredible. White, obviously, illuminates the whole area. But to animated it a bit, … Continue reading

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Why Not Paint the World?

“Art is the child of imagination and gives life.”  Mirka Mora (1928-2018)   Mirka in Melbourne VIA and Mirka with painted sweater VIA Mirka Zelik Mora (1928-2018)  recently died. Born in France, in 1942 Mirka, along with other  Jewish family … Continue reading

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the power of color

Before and After fotos of La Sussurrata, our Parian home, recently rediscovered HERE.

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Color Vibration

Color has frequency and frequency has vibration. I like color because it moves. Before After Above are fotos of La Sussurrata, our home on Paros. The top, when we first got it. The bottom, a few months later. As you … Continue reading

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Color, Hakuna Matata and Hausa Robes

More than just a pretty pattern: African textiles in motion If you took your kids to see THE LION KING, you will certainly remember the phrase Hakuna Matata meaning, basically, “don’t worry, be happy”. Well, one of the things that … Continue reading

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