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Reconfiguration Revival

Three years ago I started my Age of Reconfiguration Project (aka Cool Breeze). I’d finished the entire draft in Greece and proudly hand carried it back to Rome eager to finish it. But Covid-19 stopped that as focusing on anything … Continue reading

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Confession of an Abductee

I went to the woods to pick some flowers. While standing next to a tall cypress with a bouquet of daises in my hand, a big beam zapped me up into the sky. I felt my molecules swirl around as … Continue reading

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Birthday Post.

Today is my birthday. In 14 years, I’ll be 80 years old. The idea of becoming old is something I’ve been reflecting on for some time now. Especially those mornings when I wake up full of aches and pains. Once … Continue reading

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Learning how to surf the waves of time

Growing old–it’s mandatory if you want to stay alive.  Some people do it with more style than others. Here are a couple of examples to take into consideration.  The first is that of Mick Jagger singing No Expectations. The song was … Continue reading

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