Sacred Threshold     

(photo by Don Hitchcock)

Although it may appear just as a circle with a line cutting through it, the above is an abstract representation of the vulva. It’s made from the molar of a mammoth and found in a shaman’s tomb in Moravia

The vulva was a highly common image found in Palaeolithic art. Examples of it as a conceptualized symbol can be found all over Europe.

(photo by A. Radoman)

Another prehistoric vulva representation, pictured above, is made of quartz sandstone. It was found at a Lepenski vir archaeological site in Serbia.

(image via Wikipedia)

The Vulva petroglyph La Ferrassie pictured above is from Savignac-de-Miremont, Dordogne, France and was carved onto an existing rock wall.

These are just three examples of an indefinite number discovered and still yet to be discovered vulva icons.

The female body in ancient times was perceived, says archaeologist and anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, as “parthenogenetic, that is, creating life out of itself.” And the icon of the vulva symbolizes this life–the basis of civilization. The womb was a mysterious cave where somehow life was created by the mother-magician. But to exist in the outside world, life had to cross that sacred threshold, the vulva.

And just as today the cross is a sacred symbol for Christians, the vulva was a sacred symbol for life.

But that all ended with patriarchy. And with time, the vulva lost its sacredness. Even its name was spit upon and transformed into “c*nt”.

Recently I saw an internet video of a group of people, male and female, singing “Donald Trump is a Fucking C*nt” and I cringed. How can you criticize Trump for saying “Grab ’em by the pussy” and then sing something like this?  And, unfortunately I see it everywhere—to insult someone you called them a c*nt or bitch or pussy instead of a dick or a bastard or a scrotum.

And that’s possible simply because that’s the way the patriarchal mind sees women. As c*nts. Women no longer have authority over their own bodies (overturning of Wade vs. Roe) even if she needs an abortion to save her own life such as the woman carrying a fetus with no skull. And what about the 10 year old rape victim whose home state refused her the possibility of a safe and legal abortion? And so fixated with controlling a woman’s body that Texas has $10,000 for its Bounty Hunter Abortion Ban but whines about bailing out student loans of the same amount.

It’s estimated that, in the US alone, every day three women are murdered by a man who once told them “I love you”. But no one seems to be making a big deal about that. After all, apparently we women are just c*unts and deserve whatever the dudes do to us.

Please ladies, let’s not enslaves ourselves to patriarchal standards and accept the names for female genitals as insults. If men want to insult someone, they can use their own genitals to do so.

Respect that sacred threshold that’s a basic part of our being. To be complacent with the use of c*nt as an insult is a lack of self-worth and perpetuates misogynist norms.


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Beware of microphallic monsters…they are cacafuegos and dangerous!

“May Your Genitals Sprout Wings and Fly Away” Terry Pratchett

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12 Responses to Sacred Threshold     

  1. Yvonne says:

    Another powerful post. I was just thinking about the perjorative words used to describe the female vulva and vagina (while vacuuming), and then I read your post!

  2. Yvonne says:

    The book would be a best seller!

  3. Yvonne says:

    Okay. I am an extremely good proofreader.

  4. SKArden says:

    Fascinating! Love your last couple of post!

  5. Love your posts – this one in particular – I am mother with a daughter who will be a mother later this year, it all resonates with me. As for Trump – well there are plenty of male words to use for him

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