Janet & the Frog Fountain

My friend Janet, artist, world traveller, and age defier was in Rome not long ago. We had coffee at a bar on Regina Margherita before heading towards the whimsical and esoteric neighbourhood of Coppedé. Mystical & magical it is often included in the Esoteric Tours of Rome. Known locally as Quartiere Coppedé, the architecture is a mixture of Assyrian Babylonian, Baroque,Tuscan medieval, Gothic, Art Nouveau and much more. 

In the center of Coppedé is the recently restored Frog Fountain (Fontana delle Rane). Finalized in 1924, the fountain is a tiered basin. Frogs sit on the basin’s rim whereas four “mascheroni” (male figures) hold up four shell shaped basins while they simultaneously spit out water.

In 1965 the Frog Fountain gained recognition when the Beatles jumped into it after playing at the nearby Piper Club. In the same area lived Shelly Winters and her then husband Vittorio Gassman, Anita Eckberg, Dario Argento, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, and many others.

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