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Fabriqué en France

Marie-Antoinette was only 14 when she married Louis-Auguste who was 15. They were not in love, they didn’t even know one another. They married simply to create a political alliance between France and Austria. Once engaged, the French snobs imposed … Continue reading

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Crumbs from a Cake

The day Marie Antoinette was beheaded, I was standing by the side of the road when the cart taking her to the guillotine passed by. People in the street were screaming insults and shaking their fists at her. She was … Continue reading

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My name is Toni O. The O is for O’Brien. I guess I owe my unusual existence to Oliver Cromwell. Under his command, the Brits invaded Ireland in 1649 radically altering Irish conditions of possibility. Cromwell hated Catholics and executed … Continue reading

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Telling Untold Stories

There’s nothing like a cool breeze to help my mind relax. And the best breezes come from the sea.  So here I am sitting listening to the splashing sound of the waves as they hit the rocky shore. The Greeks … Continue reading

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Today’s Psychological Striptease

Since November 1st, the way I experience the world has drastically changed. I am still coming to terms with this new reality. My mind contaminates my body with its struggles. I have the feeling that I am trying to go … Continue reading

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