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Balcony Tomatoes

It’s January and my balcony tomatoe plants are still blooming and producing. Strange, no? -30-

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Selfies and Sun

It was a beautiful day and had to be celebrated. So we got all dressed up then sat on a bench at κατω γιαλος (kato yialos) facing the sea. Sitting in front of a horizon line somehow expands the mind. … Continue reading

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Self-Portrait with Hat

The day of her birthday, her thoughts were stronger than mirrors. “The future is now”, she told herself, “and I must focus on the present before it runs out.” Birthdays made her think of musical arrangements. The song is the … Continue reading

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Saved by Stories

It was 947 AD and the camels were tired. We’d just gotten into Baghdad, my first time. Hugh, infatuated with the Silk Road, had insisted on traveling with the merchants to learn more about how cultures interrelate one with the … Continue reading

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The Diary as Prayer                                

It was June in Georgia and I was driving down a country road looking for some peaches. Grandma Gracie had given me her recipe for a pie and I was eager to try it out. The radio and I were … Continue reading

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