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Cats in a Garden                                                       

World War I had much to do with creating new directions in art and literature. Virginia Woolf wrote that everything seemed to be going so well “then suddenly, like a chasm in a smooth road, the war came.”  Initially idealistic … Continue reading

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Sacred Threshold     

Although it may appear just as a circle with a line cutting through it, the above is an abstract representation of the vulva. It’s made from the molar of a mammoth and found in a shaman’s tomb in Moravia The … Continue reading

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Warp and Weft            

Storytellers have power. They’re like mapmakers who help your mind go to places you’ve never been to before. Historical fiction has a magic of its own. Like a time machine, it can turn the past into the present. And I’ve … Continue reading

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Dusting the Stars

Once upon a time (about 13.8 billion years ago), only a tiny speck existed. That speck, although small, was loaded with energy. And when the speck could no longer contain itself, it exploded. Bang!  The insides came out but there … Continue reading

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Motionless Futurists.

For Fluffy mou Italian artist Giacomo Balla (1871-1958) was a key proponent of Futurism and a signatory of their 1910 Manifesto. He was most interested in depicting light and motion. Although a native of Turin, Balla moved to Rome in … Continue reading

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