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Ideals give you a direction. Without them, you just float letting the current decide where you go. -30-

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Spoils and Spolia

This blog originated with the theme “Make Art, Not Trash”—the intention being that of promoting the transformation of household trash into something both beautiful and useful. Part of my recycling experiments included the use of old clothes to make new … Continue reading

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Advice from a Dream

It rained all night. When I woke up, the sound of pitter patter was still in my brain. Pit pat, pit pat, pit pat, pit pat. It made it difficult to remember the details of my dream. I was a … Continue reading

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Artist Needed

Inanimate objects of no great beauty become art in a still-life painting. So why not turn myself into a painting! But, I say to myself while lying on my kitchen table posing as if I were a basket of fruit, … Continue reading

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Art tells a story. The story here is about a white wall that someone felt the need to cover with flowers. The story here is about that someone and the reason why they painted these flowers. Maybe it was because … Continue reading

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