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All kinds of crafts mostly created by recycling or upcycling waste and old objects.

Why not make something?

    foto by Chiara Pilar

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Why not make something?

So why not make something? Handwork is a form of meditation.  The focused attention keeps your mind from getting caught in the labyrinth of thought. related:  Why crafting is good for mental health + What is Entropy?…”Systems can only maintain organization … Continue reading

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Klerksdorp spheres

Ooparts, Out of Place Artifacts, are objects seemingly out of historical context. This includes Klerksdorp spheres described below in the articled reblogged from Archaeology Fantasies: I’ve seen this article several times now, and I meant to address it the first time, but then I got distracted … Continue reading

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“Do not let your adorning be external”…

Originally posted on (Roughly) Daily:
? In 2011, textile conservators discovered fragments of medieval manuscripts lining the hems of dresses at the Cistercian convent of Wienhausen in Northern Germany. The dresses in question, made by nuns in the late fifteenth…

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Mandy Pattullo at the Festival of Quilts

Originally posted on Annjrippin's Blog:
I posted earlier in the week about the Festival of Quilts at the NEC.  I had walked all the way round several times, I thought, but almost at the end of my visit I…

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