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Pruning as a Form of Logic

When we got here, our bougainvillea was out of control. I started trimming it very politely but my neighbour kept saying “Cut! cut! cut!” so I did. I consulted the Royal Horticultural Society’s book on pruning. It’s almost a book … Continue reading

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Yucca Blossom

The afternoon sunk forcing me to float alone. Sometimes I hear myself when I talk. Sometimes I chose not to listen. I didn’t know that yucca blossoms were edible. But would it have made any difference as I lack the … Continue reading

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Parikia Bay, Autumn

Autumn is changing the landscape’s colors and soon we will be leaving. And for this I feel slightly melancholic. But the beauty is there just waiting to feed my eyes. And my heart. In a world that has become so … Continue reading

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La Sussurrata

Home is where the heart is and my heart is here.

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Fisherman’s Sunset

This is the little wall where we sit to watch the sunset. I don’t know who put the slabs of marble there but it does give a poetic touch. There was a man standing on a rock fishing. I was … Continue reading

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