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Καλό Μήνα My brain won’t shut up. The world around me is making me scream and blah-blah-blah all day long. There’s only one way to get my brain to shut up and that’s to make something. Because the focused attention … Continue reading

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It’s nice to have a special place that can make you feel magical and safe. My special place is our terrace. Volver and Sasha are at ease here, too. Sasha helps care for the plants when we’re away whereas Volver, … Continue reading

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Parking Party

A neighbor had a birthday party for his daughter in our parking niche. He didn’t ask to use it nor did he even bother to invite us. Initially it really irritated me. Then I watched the children playing and laughing … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Momma

Here’s my mom washing her 1959 Chevy. It must have been around 1968 and sometimes people would tease my mom because her car was so old and stylistically dated. And when they did, she would simply say “It’s what I … Continue reading

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Psychedelic Babes

They knew that people are easily bored and constantly crave new stimulation. So they did their best to animate the world around them. Since the eye likes to travel, they often wore dresses that put vision on the road. They … Continue reading

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