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Saved by Stories

It was 947 AD and the camels were tired. We’d just gotten into Baghdad, my first time. Hugh, infatuated with the Silk Road, had insisted on traveling with the merchants to learn more about how cultures interrelate one with the … Continue reading

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Rewriting the Self

In 1512, Dutch philosopher Erasmus of Rotterdam published a text on how to rewrite pre-existing texts. The purpose was to show that there were many ways to say the same thing. His book, De Copia, begins like this: “The speech … Continue reading

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Exercises in Style

He had a degree in  philosophy.  However, Raymond Queneau is known as a writer.  For awhile, he hung out with the Surrealists but questioned their fixation with the subconscious since he preferred mathematics and rational reasoning. Queneau’s best known work … Continue reading

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