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Saved by Stories

It was 947 AD and the camels were tired. We’d just gotten into Baghdad, my first time. Hugh, infatuated with the Silk Road, had insisted on traveling with the merchants to learn more about how cultures interrelate one with the … Continue reading

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Kindness and Cultural Editing

Myths are for grown up, fairy tales are for children. But sometimes nostalgic grown- ups long for their childhood and often find solace in fairy tales. Scottish folklorist, Andrew Lang (1844-1912), set about collecting fairy tales from all over the … Continue reading

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Mermans and Mermaids

Hans Christian Andersen was an ugly duckling who tried all his life to become a swan. Born in Denmark in 1805, his childhood was dominated by poverty, mismatched parents, and an ambiguous sexual identity. Attracted to both men and women, … Continue reading

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