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Miss Marple, My Favorite Profiler

During the 1970s, the FBI used much tax payer money to create their Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia. Not only many books have been written about criminal profiling but the TV and film industry has made a huge profit … Continue reading

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The Significance of Neighbourhood

A home is also about place. The physical location of your home is an extension of your identity. Characteristics such as oriental or occidental, polar or tropical, urban or rural, swanky or slum will all affect the way the home … Continue reading

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History of a Home

Our first home is our mother’s womb from which, at birth, we are evicted. In the womb, biology manages our needs but, once out of the womb, all that changes. Some are luckier than others and continue to be nurtured … Continue reading

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My Home Starts with my Body

As we age, we often begin to dislike our bodies. Pity as our home starts with our body. So if we don’t feel at home with our own selves, it’s virtually impossible to feel at home anywhere. During the Age … Continue reading

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Little Painting No. 5

A home keeps you warm inside and that’s why it’s a hearth. I have many pillows on our καναπές so I can sit and snuggle with Volver our cat. From here I can see outside the door with its blue … Continue reading

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