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Lessons Learned

One month after Marie Antoinette’s head was chopped off, the Louvre Royal Palace became a museum. Artists then started going there not only to see works by the Old Masters but to copy them as well. Because imitation is a … Continue reading

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The Power of a Gaze

It was at the Petit Trianon that I’d met the artist Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun. Elisabeth, after the royal family’s arrest, wisely left France taking her young daughter with her. At the time of Marie-Antoinette’s execution, she was in Vienna … Continue reading

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Fabriqué en France

Marie-Antoinette was only 14 when she married Louis-Auguste who was 15. They were not in love, they didn’t even know one another. They married simply to create a political alliance between France and Austria. Once engaged, the French snobs imposed … Continue reading

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Crumbs from a Cake

The day Marie Antoinette was beheaded, I was standing by the side of the road when the cart taking her to the guillotine passed by. People in the street were screaming insults and shaking their fists at her. She was … Continue reading

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French Provincial

Her real name was Frances, a name that, in her opinion, lacked glamour. So she changed it to “Toni” as in “Antoinette” as in “Marie Antoinette”. Several years ago, I published an e-book, “Bebina Bunny’s Cabinet of Curiosities”, and dedicated … Continue reading

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