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One lovely October morning in 1819, I was rubbing tombstones at Campo Cesto when I heard a woman crying. It was Mary Shelly. Her son William had recently died and she, obviously, was overwhelmed. There was nothing I could do … Continue reading

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It’s time to move on. Time to prune the bushes and to rearrange the furniture. Time for a new hairdo. See you in January!

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The old me has been going in one direction but the new me wants to go in another. Because of mental habits, transitions are not always easy. Luckily, a major change in environment facilitates making major changes in behaviour. The voyage … Continue reading

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Transition: from here to there

Without any warning whatsoever, the platform I previously used for my blog, Splinder, just shut down. In addition, it’s impossible for me to log in and recover data.  What a pity!  I’ve been using Splinder for more than 8 years … Continue reading

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