Do not lose yourself in translation

Day 16

At the port, a line of cars waiting to get on the ferry to leave Paros. Finally, the chaos begins to dissipate.

On The Trail, Paros

Some days the walks are more difficult than others. Maybe because of the heat.  Maybe because I’m distracted by thoughts which keep me on my physical path but lead me off the spiritual one. Today, for example, I wanted to be home reading “The Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels.

Religious fundamentalism really spooks me out.  I don’t criticize the rights of others to have their own  beliefs but I do criticize those who want to impose those beliefs on me. And before you tell me that it’s in the Bible, please be able to answer the following questions:  1.  in what language was the New Testament written? (hint: it wasn’t English) 2. who wrote the New Testament and when?  3.  who was Constantine?  4.  what was the Council of Nicaea?

On The Trail, Paros

Organized religion is not for me but I do seek spirituality. And this spirituality comes from efforts made by me and not from dogma imposed by someone else.  For this reason, I read about Gnosticism with interest.

The Gnostics believed that you can know God only by knowing yourself.  That the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and that gaining insight into one’s self is the only way of having a key to Heaven’s gates. Even the Oracles of Delphi professed “Know Thyself”.

On The Trail, Paros

Michelangelo said of his work: “it’s in the stone” meaning to make sculpture, all you had to do was chisel off the excess because the masterpiece was already there inside waiting to come out.

So as I walk, I try to chisel.

Conformity does not lead to a transcendental experience.

Today’s mantra comes from a special song by The Youngbloods.  It’s “Get Together” and just the title alone is a mantra in itself. But, because of all the hatred and violence people are slinging around these days, I’ve decided that “Smile on your Brother”  would be more appropriate.


Smile, smile. OM. Smile on your Brother, smile on your Brother. Smile.


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