Vibrating With Plants

Day 19

Promontory, Paros

back on the path

Since  1953, music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz as opposed to the previous 432 hertz. The idea to do so originated with Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.  Apparently, this pitch goes against the harmonic frequency to which all life is attuned. There are those who believe  Goebbels want this change in order to facilitate the manipulation of the subconscious mind.  Because frequencies that lower our personal vibration turn us into sheep.

Promontory, Paros

Frequencies have a tremendous effect on our daily life. The wrong frequencies can make us dysfunctional.  Margaret Thatcher knew this and used ELF waves to control riots. And, during the Persian Gulf War, PSY-OPS weaponry was used against Iraqi soldiers.

Promontory, Paros

Personal vibration enhances our quality of life as it affects our brain chemistry.  So, to feel good, we need to get it as high as possible.  There are different ways of raising it such as mediating, eating the right kind of foods, breathing exercises, getting enough sleep, etc.

Walking surrounded by nature can also raise our personal vibration.

Promontory, Paros

Everything vibrates and this vibration can be measured by hertz frequencies. The Earth’s pulse rate is 7.83 Hz and is a frequency that makes us feel good.  Whereas 6.6 Hz causes depression and 10.80 Hz causes riotous behavior.

 Promontory, Paros

When two frequencies are brought together, the lower one will rise up to the higher one and resonate.  When our vibration is the same as the earth’s inherent frequency, we have a sense of well-being as we are meant to live in harmony with nature.  Vibrational disharmony saps our energy and makes us sick.

In 1894, Nikolas Tesla tested his vibrating platform on his good friend, Mark Twain, believing the vibrations could improve Twain’s health.  Twain liked it so much he didn’t want to get off.

"tree hugger"

The human body is 70% water.  Water is also found in trees so, if you hug a tree, the water vibration in the tree is transmitted to the water vibration in your body.  This resonance produces a calming effect.

Trees stand still thus are better at absorbing the Earth’s energy. Plants, via their roots, also absorb this energy.  So, when we are surrounded by trees and plants, we pick up on their frequencies and automatically absorb this energy, too.

So hug a tree and you’ll feel better!   Via Bebina Bunny’s Cabinet of Curiosities


Today’s mantra comes from “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys.

I feel good vibrations. OM I give good vibrations.

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  1. jaihn says:

    Thank you for this, Cynthia! x x x

  2. Ciao Jaihn! Nice hearing from you. Haven’t “seen” you in a long time. thanks for commenting…love the little loom you posted in May

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