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Ways of Being

Our world is crumbling around us. Decadence and Dissonance are in command. I no longer feel compatible with the world around me. Nevertheless, the world belongs to me as much as it does to anyone else and I have no … Continue reading

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Bonsai & Broom

I live in a condominium that’s wrapped around a meticulously kept central courtyard. To leave the complex, I must pass in front of a ledge holding a neat row of cacti and bonsai. Very Zen. But right below the plants … Continue reading

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Sunrise or Sunset

Often  I post links on FB to the articles I publish here.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get 20 likes. If I’m lucky.  So, if ever I feel “liked”  deprived, all I have to do is post a photo of Volver, … Continue reading

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The way we perceive the world around us determines the quality of our life.  What are aesthetics if not a way of perceiving? related links:   Semir Zeki on visual cognition and neuro-aesthetics video+ Art, Perception and Indeterminacy + excerpt from “Dance, Aesthetics and the … Continue reading

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