Birthday Post.

Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday. In 14 years, I’ll be 80 years old. The idea of becoming old is something I’ve been reflecting on for some time now. Especially those mornings when I wake up full of aches and pains.

Once I could do 10 things in one day. Now it seems like I need 10 days just to do just one thing. Nevertheless, I continue to overdose myself with projects that I can’t complete. My mental habits are terribly démodé but, as we all know, habits are hard to break.

Table Reconfiguration

For years we had a table on our back veranda that we never used. Then we painted it and moved it to the terrace. Now we use it all the time. All it took was a bit of reconfiguration to turn something useless into something useful. And that’s what I need– some mental restyling necessary to make space for the new me. In other words, I need to reconfigure my mental image of how I used to be with that of the way I am now.

I want the last part of my life to be the best part. That’s why I’ve written a manual for myself dedicated to the Age of Reconfiguration. It’s going to be tough as much effort and discipline will be required to keep myself mentally and physically fit. But I can’t wait to start! And will, right after my birthday lunch of truffles and wine!

Birthday Girl

(from Cool Breeze, the Age of Reconfiguration ©)


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15 Responses to Birthday Post.

  1. pao says:

    Happy Birthday to you, cynthia! I’m 67 so I do know what you mean, especially the 10 to 1 flip. Please share you manual of the Age of Reconfiguration as soon as possible. Or maybe that’s what you’ve been doing all along?

  2. Yes, the approach towards time radically changes at a certain point. Age of Reconfiguration will be posted bit by bit from now on. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Happy birthday, Cynthia, have many, many more! I so appreciate your wisdom and insights, and I hope that you will continue to illuminate your readers for a long time to come!

  4. tracyalgar says:

    Happy birthday Cynthia and many happy reconstructed returns. You have been, are and continue to be one of my biggest inspirations in art and life. Thank you!! Xxx

  5. Eileen Sheridan says:

    welcome to your new year!!! and to the age of giving gifts, back to ourselves…. thank you for all you have given out, to those who read and look at your posts….have a wonderful year!

  6. Maggie Le May says:

    Happy birthday Cynthia. Thank you for your wonderful blog. And you are so young. I will be 77 this year so much closer to your 80!!!! Have a wonderful day and keep up the inspiration. I will be off to the studio once it has warmed up.

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