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Rachel’s Lockdown

Rachel Smith, addicted to making objects of interest and of beauty, fled to China where a lovely middle-aged Chinese man with a flawed lung in a string vest taught her the ancient secrets of Chinese watercolour as he fed her … Continue reading

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Two weeks of Lockdown

Update: Numbers of infected according to country: 1st place China, 2nd place Italy, 3rd USA.  Source For my friends in the States, check out to see how long before you become a character in a sequel of The Shining:  Why … Continue reading

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Day 13 of the Lockdown

Right before midnight last night, Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced that all of the country’s production companies will close until April 3rd. This decision came a bit late. Despite the high number of deaths in the Bergamo-Brescia area, many … Continue reading

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It’s time to grow your own.

Day 12 Yesterday was a beautiful day because the sun was shining. Since the lockdown, smog is practically non-existent and the air feels good. One thing you have to know about Italians is that they are addicted to sunshine. It’s … Continue reading

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Day 7 of the Lockdown

Would you believe that, for yesterday’s balcony gig, I washed my hair, put on makeup, squirted on some perfume, and wore my biggest pair of silver earrings? Having been confined to my home for a week, I considered it a … Continue reading

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