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Coronavirus, Conspiracy, and Pocharte

A Chicano version of a Renaissance woman, Pocha Peña (aka Sandra Sarmiento) is a filmmaker, interdisciplinary artist, activist, and podcaster living in Orange County. For a while, she also lived in San Antonio, Texas, my hometown. When California went into … Continue reading

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The unbearable weight of being there

Daniela Trezzi was a 34 year old nurse working in the intensive care unit at Monza’s San Gerado hospital. Anyone who has been following the news understands how traumatic it is for doctors and nurses to work in these units. … Continue reading

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When little things suddenly become big.

Mariagrazia Casanova, a 49 year old supermarket clerk from Brescia, complained that she had a sore throat and difficulties breathing. Four days later, Mariagrazia died. Her four kids will never see her again. Every day, poorly paid people we take … Continue reading

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Viva la nonna

In Italian, there’s an expression “Hai voluto la bicicletta, pedala” (you wanted a bike, so pedal). Simply put, accept the aftermath of your actions. Once upon a time, there were a bunch of dudes hyped up on globalization because they … Continue reading

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Two weeks of Lockdown

Update: Numbers of infected according to country: 1st place China, 2nd place Italy, 3rd USA.  Source For my friends in the States, check out to see how long before you become a character in a sequel of The Shining:  Why … Continue reading

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