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Why not make a mask for a friend?

Face masks should be worn to limit infection and to protect those around you. Surgical masks are scarce and should be reserved for health professionals. There has been much contradictory information as to the use of masks. I’ve even heard … Continue reading

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Kate, diaries, and impressions.

There are some people who leave impressions not so lasting as the imprint of an oar upon the water. Kate Chopin  In the 1960s, Kate Chopin’s grandson discovered some of the writer’s personal papers including a 1894 diary entitled “Impressions” … Continue reading

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The me I am today is not the me I was yesterday. So how can I know who I am if I am always changing? And you—who are you?  You’re not the same person I use to know. Even now … Continue reading

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Martians in disguise

When the Martians arrive, will I try to pretend to be one of them in hopes that they won’t notice me–is anonymity  a form of protection? Masks and conformity both attempt to conceal one’s real identity. Nevertheless, we reveal ourselves by the … Continue reading

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