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The Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison’s THE BLUEST EYE, although beautifully written, is a difficult book to read. Its topics of racism, incest, and child molestation keep the stomach in knots. Thus, despite the magnificent prose, there can be nothing poetic about the horrors … Continue reading

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Bertha and the Alligator

  (from JUST ONE OF THE CROWD ©) Related links: Were Black Children Used as Alligator Bait in the American South? + Black babies were allegedly used as alligator bait in the past + Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia: … Continue reading

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The Overview Effect

Stephen Hawking believes, based on simple mathematical deductions, that aliens exist. But, hopefully, he says, they won’t  be showing up too soon.  Just think of what happened to the Native Americans after Christopher Columbus landed in America. But before being … Continue reading

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