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Dorothy Parker’s Cup of Tea   

During the spring, when sitting outside, I like to watch the bees buzz from one flower to another. Everything is calm and silent save for their humming. So I watch them flit from one flower to another until I’m dizzy … Continue reading

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Change the World by Reading

Nancy Drew was my mentor. The 16 year old sleuth was everything I wanted to be—smart, independent, bold, and living life as an adventure. Because of Nancy, it was easy to imagine myself riding around in a blue roadster searching … Continue reading

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Bedtime Stories for Adults

Insomnia is still stalking me. I know, it’s all in my brain. Wide awake at 2 a.m. once again, I understood that I needed help in redirecting my thoughts. Maybe by reading. Reading for just six minutes, according to some … Continue reading

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The Aesthetics of Reading

The Uffizi in Florence is a historical gallery containing masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. One of the most visited paintings is that of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, a painting also famous for provoking Stendhal’s Syndrome. But the Uffizi is … Continue reading

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Horseriding Books

The Depression left some areas in the U.S. more devastated than others. Lorena Hickcock, journalist and intimate friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, travelled to the Appalachia and witnessed the desperation and the struggle for survival. Eleanor, who felt education was a … Continue reading

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