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Infinitas Gracias …more retablos

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Just up the road from the British Museum. there’s a moving exhibition at the Wellcome Institute of Mexican ex-votos. These are mostly hand-painted tin panels given in thanks for the intercession of saints…

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Ex Voto Retablos

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In modern philosophical theory, an acknowledgment of power beyond human understanding is largely absent. Ex Votos however are votive offerings of gratitude for a vow or prayer fulfilled. Votive offerings are given before prayer fulfillment as appeasement…

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Aloe, Applique and Marcottage

This post is dedicated to that incredible plant, Aloe Vera. My mom used to keep one on the front porch and, aside from the aesthetics, used it for burns.  Because it works. Aloe Vera plants are succulents and consist mainly … Continue reading

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Pat Nelson-Jimenez and Mexican Folk Art

  One of the many wonderful things my hometown, San Antonio, has to offer is that of a multi-cultural atmosphere. Mexico, above all,  has certainly influenced San Antonio gifting its citizens with the aesthetics of color, animated music and spicy … Continue reading

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