Καλό Μήνα

My brain won’t shut up. The world around me is making me scream and blah-blah-blah all day long. There’s only one way to get my brain to shut up and that’s to make something. Because the focused attention needed when working with my hands makes me feel like I am meditating and mellowing out. Once the hands are in motion, the mind has no choice but to follow.

Play is important for adults. It helps keep the mind flexible, stimulates creativity, and facilitates the growth of brain cells. But what I’m looking for today is that magical explosion of endorphins released when playing.

The imagination is a playground.

I want to play and not commit myself to a long term project making a book frame seems like a good idea.

I have several outdated paperback manuals that are waiting to be transformed into picture frames. It’s easier to carve out the book if the outer edges are glued together. Once the pages are eliminated, the frames edges can be smoothed out with papier-mâché and strips of cardboard can better define the frame.

I don’t worry much about precision because I’m playing plus the older I get, the more of an Abstract Expressionist I become.

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3 Responses to Playground

  1. Madeleine says:

    So glad you posted again! You’re my very favorite abstract expressionist.

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